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We are a Value Added Reseller of LPAR2RRD Support

Announcement : 20 June 2013 - ML and A IT Services have been appointed a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Support Contracts for the LPAR2RRD product used in monitoring lpar resource usage and capacity planning of IBM Power Systems logical partitions running AIX, Linux, i5/OS or VI/O Server. See the LPAR2RRD homepage on for further details about the product, as well as Terms and Conditions for the various Support Contracts available.
Advanced LPAR2RRD features available only to customers with Support Contracts 

Having purchased a Support Contract, you are provided with the full LPAR2RRD product, ie the full version with all available features in the product (features not available to users of the free downloadable product). Examples of such features are :

LPAR2RRD Support Contracts can now be purchased through ML and A IT Services
The following support contracts are available. Support Contract Terms and Conditions can be found on 
    • Basic Support
    • Standard Support
    • Premium Support
ML and A IT Services Value Added benefits
When purchasing an LPAR2RRD support contract (Basic/Standard/Premium) through ML and A IT Services, the following additional value added benefits are available to the customer :
  1. ML and A IT Services becomes the customer's first point of contact for LPAR2RRD.
  2. Remote 1st Level technical support at NO CHARGE. Email support calls may be logged to by a customer with a Support Contract purchased through us.  
  3. Second level (remote) technical support provided by LPAR2RRD and may be invoked by ML and A and/or the customer directly (should the customer choose to).
  4. Priority (remote) support up to 2nd Level for STOR2RRD (a product currently available at no charge with no support purchasable).


ML and A IT Services ONSITE Support  are chargeable
  1. Onsite technical support with local travel  (within 50km radius from ML and A Offices) charged at ML and A quoted hourly labour rates, minimum 2 hours.
  2. Onsite technical support with local/regional travel  (outside of 50km radius from ML and A Offices) charged at ML and A quoted hourly labour rates, plus travel expenses (airfare, accomodation if required, etc); pricing available upon request.


 To order your LPAR2RRD Support 
  1. Read the full LPAR2RRD Support Contract Terms and Conditions on the LPAR2RRD website
  2. Click here to fill in our Request for Quotation form. You will receive a quotation within 2 business days by email .
 For any other questions direct your query to us at email address